Rent Karaoke for Event

Karaoke Rental

Hourly Rate: DJ Rate + $100

Become the life of the party or simply sit back and be amazed as someone shows off their voice! Karaoke is a well loved party event because it lets everyone live out the rock star fantasy and sing along to their favorite tunes. Our karaoke rental requires you to rent a DJ as well to coordinate song changes and work the machine.

With our karaoke rental, you get up on stage and choose which song you want to sing. There’s a helpful screen that displays the lyrics to your chosen song in case you forget. The music starts, and your show begins! Sing your heart out into the microphone and show the audience what you’ve got.

A karaoke machine rental is great for fundraisers in Dallas, company parties in Beaumont, corporate events in Shreveport, church events in Giddings and Livingston, and more! Everyone loves to sing, so just about any kind of event you can think of would greatly benefit from having some karaoke! Head on over to our contact us page and reserve your karaoke rental today – we make it super easy!