Rent Lipstick Reader Artist

Lipstick Reader

Hourly Rate: $200

Every lip imprint is unlike any other and can tell a person’s story. Apply fresh lipstick and kiss one of our beautifully crafted love cards to leave your imprint. All the details of this process reveal a bit about you, from which lipstick color you choose, to how you apply your lipstick, to how you kiss the card. The whole process is somewhat like a palm reading, and can be very entertaining and engaging for just about anyone, young or old!

Our lip stick reader rental is great for corporate parties in Baytown, company events in Corsicana, weddings in Tyler, school events in Lufkin, block parties in Forth Worth, and more! Whatever kind of event you may be having, having a lipstick reader booked for it will add that extra bit of magic and flair to help make your party more memorable.

Reserving artists for parties can sometimes be a chore and you can never be sure whether the people you’ll get are going to be reliable. Our artists have years of experience in their professions and have spent a long time cultivating the perfect personality to accent their shows and performances. They’re friendly, professional, reliable, and we’ve found that they really add that extra element of enchantment to whatever event they’re reserved for. Reserve your lipstick reader today!