Jumbo Operation Arcade Game Rental

Product Specifications:

Dimensions (L x W x H): 5′ x 3′ x 3′
Power Requirements: (1x) 20 Amp Circuit
Players: 1
Ages: N/A

Giant Operation

Day Rate: $500

The classic surgery game, except it’s massive! How steady and calm are you while under pressure? Test your skills and have side-splitting fun with this larger than life game of Operation!

This huge 5 foot long game board makes it so a bunch of people can crowd around to see what you’re doing and add a bit more of that pressure which makes the game so intense! The game is played by removing any foreign objects from the patient as quickly as possible while not making any mistakes or touching anything you shouldn’t. If you accidentally graze a part of the patient that you shouldn’t while removing the contaminants.

This game appeals to a wide variety of people, kids, adults, young, old, whatever! It’s fun for everyone and it’s one of the few games that kids and adults can play together and both have a ton of fun!

Whether you’re hosting a church event in League City, a sales meeting in Houston, a festival in Lake Jackson, or a company party in Friendswood, this giant operation game rental rental is sure to go a long way towards livening up your event.