Product Specifications:

Dimensions (L x W x H): 20′ x 25′ x 13′
Power Requirements: (1x) 20 Amp Circuit
Players: 2
Ages: 8+

Gladiator Joust

3/4/5 Hour Rates: $525/$600/$700
Day Rate: $800

Have a colossal battle against your opponent in this epic gladiator-style battle in our camouflaged arena! Players stand on a platform and have a jousting rod with padded ends that they use to try and knock their opponent off their pedestal while trying to stay on their pedestal at the same time! Last man standing wins, and witnesses his or her glory echo throughout eternity. The gladiator joust is a hilarious and addicting sports inflatable rental that’s super fun for the gladiators and the spectators.

All we need to set this awesome sports inflatable rental at YOUR event is a 20 amp electrical circuit to keep it inflated and 20’L x 25’W x 13’H of space for the game! It can be set up indoors or outdoors, and is great for anyone as long as they’re 8 years or older!

We’ve found that the gladiator joust rental does a great job at adding that extra element of fun and friendly competition to your festivals in Temple, neighborhood events in Diboll, corporate parties in Pasadena, grand openings in Conroe, fundraisers in Greatwood, and a wide variety of other interesting occasions. Renting the gladiator joust is easy, just head on over to our ‘Contact Us’ page, fill out a few bits of relevant info, and we’ll guide you through the rest!