Product Specifications:

Dimensions (L x W x H): 38′ x 11′ x 10′
Power Requirements: (1x) 20 Amp Circuit
Players: 2
Ages: 10+

Camouflaged Bungee Run Rental

3/4/5 Hour Rates: $525/$600/$700
Day Rate: $800

Spring into action with our new camo-colored bungee run sports inflatable! Two players are strapped into bungee cord harnesses and must race down their lanes as far as they can before safely tumbling, bouncing, and blasting backward from the bungee cord they’re attached to. Each player gets a sticky marker that they hold and slap down on the Velcro strip in the middle of the inflatable once they reach as far as they can go. Whoever can get their sticky marker placed down further on the inflatable wins! It’s a great sports inflatable rental for all kinds of events, and is super fun for both runners and spectators.

No matter what kind of event you’re throwing, our Bungee Run rental is an incredible choice. We’ve set these up at block parties in Killeen, office parties in Kilgore, picnics in Sugar Land, fundraisers in Galveston, trade shows in Dickinson, and all kinds of other fun events. This sports inflatable rental does a incredible job at introducing that extra element of fun to nearly any event we rent it out to.

Our bungee run rentals include an attendant to supervise the game, make sure everything goes smoothly, and help runners in and out of their harnesses. The game needs a 20 amp dedicated electrical circuit to power the blowers that keep it inflated, and at least 38’L x 11’W x 10’H of space to set up. We can set it up indoors or outdoors provided there’s enough space.