Inflatable Football Obstacle Course Rental

Product Specifications:

Dimensions (L x W x H): 52′ x 15′ x 17′
Power Requirements: (2x) 20 Amp Circuit
Players: 2
Ages: Any

End Zone Challenge Football
Inflatable Obstacle Course Rental

Day Rate: $725

Our new End Zone Challenge inflatable obstacle course rental is a massive, football-themed, dual-laned inflatable attraction that is guaranteed to be a centerpiece at just about any event it’s deployed at. Tackles dummies, go through a tire race, scale the rock wall, crawl through or go under obstacles, and finally slide your way to victory.

We need at least 52’ of length, 15’ of width, and 17’ of height to set this course up at your event, and we need two dedicated 20-amp circuits to power the blowers that keep this obstacle course rental inflated.

We’ve delivered this football obstacle course rental to corporate outings in Longview, holiday parties in San Augustine, marketing events in Sugar Land, show rooms in Missouri City, dances in Freeport, and a wide variety of other exciting events. If you’re interested in this inflatable obstacle course rental, just call, or email and we’ll take it from there!