Inflatable Multiplayer Obstacle Course

Product Specifications:

Dimensions (L x W x H): 38′ x 22′ x 12′
Power Requirements: (2x) 20 Amp Circuit
Players: 4
Ages: Any

4 Man, 7 Element Camouflage Colors
Inflatable Obstacle Course Rental

Day Rate: $725

A new breed of obstacle course has entered the market – race against THREE other people in this exciting seven-element obstacle course rental. The four player throughput makes it so the traffic flows very quickly through this attraction and that anyone who wants a turn can easily have one without having to wait too long.

To set up this obstacle course rental at your event, we require at least 26’w x 34’l x 11’h of space and two dedicated 20-amp circuits to power the blowers. We supply an attendant to supervise the obstacle course and keep everything running as smoothly as possible.

No matter what kind of event you’re throwing, our 4 player obstacle course rental is an ideal choice. We’ve set these up at fairs in Nacogdoches, church group outings in Jacsonville, weddings in Pasadena, trade shows in Channelview, grand openings in Fresno, and a large variety of other special parties. We’ve delivered these to events all over Texas, and they’re basically always a success.

Not only are our obstacle course rentals amazing, but planning an event with The Fun Ones could not be smoother. We’ve been in the party rental industry for over a decade and know what to expect from just about any kind of event, so we’ve effectively made the whole process almost entirely hands-off, and worry-free for the customer. We deal with essentially every part of the rental process, including the delivery to the venue, setting the game up, supervising it, and cleaning up after. With our service set up like this, customers are able to have fun at your event and mingle with your friends. Get in touch with The Fun Ones to plan your desired rental soon! Contact us by an email, a phone call, or the on-site form on the contact us page.