Inflatable Obstacle Course Rental 2-Player Camouflage Colors

Product Specifications:

Dimensions (L x W x H): 38′ x 11′ x 12′
Power Requirements: (1x) 20 Amp Circuit
Players: 2
Ages: Any

2 Man, 7 Element Camouflage Colors
Inflatable Obstacle Course Rental

Day Rate: $525

Summon up all the athletic prowess you can for this challenging seven-element inflatable obstacle course rental. Race against an opponent in a race to the finish through dives, twists, and turns as you maneuver your way through the obstacle course. Push yourself to your limits as you dive through tubes, pillars, barricades, and finally slide to the finish.

This obstacle course rental works well at promotions in Waco, company events in Gilmer, corporate parties in Pearland, show rooms in La Porte, birthday parties in Galena Park, and all kinds of other interesting events. We’ve set these inflatable obstacle course rentals up at many different types of events around Houston and the surrounding area, and they’re essentially always a hit.

Party rental with The Fun Ones could not be easier. We’ve been in the party rental business for quite a while and have come to know what possible problems may arise, and we have fine tuned our business to make our party rental service almost entirely hands-off, and worry-free for the customer. The Fun Ones will take care of pretty much everything, including rental delivery, setting up, supervising the party rental, and cleaning it up when the event is over. With our service set up like this, customers are free to enjoy the event and tend to the crowd. Get in touch with us to request your camouflaged obstacle course rental soon! Reach us through email, phone, or the embedded form on the ‘Contact Us’ page.