Carnival Ride Rental

Product Specifications:

Dimensions (L x W x H): 75′ x 75′ x 15′
Power Requirements: Generator Included
Players: 16
Ages: 5+

Mind Winder

3/4/5 Hour Rates: $1800/$2200/$2600
Day Rate: $2400

The Mindwinder is a wild, wind-up amusement ride that will keep your guests grinning spin after spin. It’s a high-quality, amusement-park grade carnival ride that is the perfect attraction to bring any event to the next level. Up to 16 passengers can ride at one time so you and all your friends can hop aboard and take it for a spin! You can even control the individual spin of your own bucket from your seat as the ride spins.

We include the generator for this carnival ride rental, and the attendant to run it so you don’t have to worry about power or supervision. As long as we set it up outdoors, and have 75’ x 75’ feet of space, you’re good to go.

We’ve set this Mindwinder carnival ride rental up at fairs in Shreveport, bar Mitzvahs in Diboll, office parties in Pearland, promotions in Friendswood, church events in Bellaire, and a wide variety of other lively events. We’d be happy to answer any questions you might have, just call, or email and let us know!

Planning an event with The Fun Ones could not be quicker. We’ve been in the party rental business for a considerable amount of time and know what to expect from just about any kind of event, so we run our business in a way that has made our rental service almost entirely hands-off, and worry-free for the customer. The Fun Ones will take care of basically everything, including getting the party rental to the venue, setting it up, supervising, and cleaning up after the event. This leaves our customers able to have a good time at the event and attend to your guests. Contact us to request your desired rental today! Get in touch through phone, email, or the embedded form on our ‘Contact-Us’ page.